Through many individual and business donations along with 21st Century Grants and other smaller grants, DeTour Area Schools has much to offer their students in the way of technology.  Currently our student to computer ratio in the DeTour schools is more than 1 computer for every student.  Students are offered the opportunity to work on the computers after school for anywhere from 2 to 4 days a week for 2 hours.  Students have access to computers, scanners, digital cameras, video editing software, robotics and other software that aids in student instruction.  By having access to the internet throughout all the classrooms and offices in the school building, students are able to do research and participate in joint projects with other schools.  DeTour has acquired a C.O.W. (Computers on Wheels) for teachers to use in their classroom.  This is the first step towards students being wireless within our school.  Rather than taking the students to the computer lab to work, the computers come to them with everything they need.


DeTour is now in year 10 of the inclusion of offering students classes via Michigan Virtual High School.  With this option, the curriculum for the students at DeTour High School has increased dramatically.  Students are using this option when courses that are offered on site at DeTour High School can not be worked into their schedule or when courses at their level are not being offered due to limited staff.  Students identified as needing a lower or higher level of curriculum than what DeTour High School offers have found this as a viable alternative.


Besides computers, other technology such as reading pens, audio/visual aids and new software that scans and reads any text are available to students with identified needs for assistance.

Goal:  All students will improve multi-step problem solving in all curricular areas

Goal:  All students will improve written expression.

Goal:  All students will improve comprehension of informational text.


Support Data:

1.MEAP scores

Standardized Assessments:

1.  MEAP

Local Assessments:

1.Unit tests

2.  GLAD Testing, ACR, STAR Reading, Math, and Early Literacy.

Technology Support of Academic Achievement in Pre-school through grade twelve.


To provide technology support by maintaining hardware, software and local area network connectivity through the following

  • Maintain Star Math, Early Literacy,

  • Maintain Teacher laptops for student accounting

  • Maintain learning software ie.  Oregon Trail

  • Use “Technology Class” instruction to learn operations of hardware and software (1 hour/week for K-6)

  • Maintain laptop cart for classroom wireless activities

  • Kids need to have hands on  devices to have the school day extended by having laptop computers and/or handheld devices

  • Maintain GPS devices and training for students and staff

  • Maintain CAD programs

  • Service setup and repair of Printers

  • Install and support career software for students

  • Maintain and support Word Processing, Database, Spreadsheet, and                 publishing software.

  • Maintain and support music department programs though sound systems.

  • Investigate, encourage and teach Class Server for curriculum instruction.

  • Maintain and support Achieve Data collection software.

  • Assist students participating in MIVU by maintaining equipment

  • Maintain, install and equip computer lab for classroom instruction

  • Support and participate in technology curriculum planning

  • Maintain technology support staff person

  • Instruct, encourage, and monitor student technology aides.

  • Maintain and manage the local area network

  • Provide audit for Title IID


Technology Evaluation-  Were all programs effective 90% of the time, teacher and student evaluation surveys