• Bus Transportation Request

    Fee Structure as of January 26, 2014
    Student Related Trips: $2.00/mile plus $25/hour for driver costs
    Non -Profit Organizations for Community Groups that have rented buses prior to January 26 2015:  $5.00/mile plus $40/hour for driver costs.
    NO new groups will be allowed to rent buses. 

    C.        Public Renting of School Buses

    8117. Moved by Brussow, supported by Kuusinen to eliminate all rentals of the school buses that do not include transportation of our students

    Yeas          none   

    Nays          Bias, Brussow, Fountain, Kuusinen, Richwine, VanAlstine

    Motion defeated


    D.        Bus Rental

    8118. Moved by Bias, supported by Richwine to have a two tier system of charges for rental of the school bus. 

    o   Student related trips will be charged $2.00 per mile plus $25 per hour for driver cost. 

    o   Nonprofit Community Organizations who formerly rented buses will be charged $5.00 per mile plus $40 per hour for driver cost. No rental of buses to private parties.

    Yeas          Bias, Brussow, Fountain, Kuusinen, Richwine, VanAlstine 

    Nays          none

    Motion carried

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  • Facility Use

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  • Student Accident Report

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