Natalie Fairchild



    (906) 297-2011


    While teaching English 9-12, LSSU Freshman Composition, and Baker College Communications, I enjoy opening up new and diverse worlds for my students!  Teaching English is my life-long passion!


    Course Overview

    English 9 and 10 provide a base for students to explore the worlds of literature and writing; they help students build confidence in their individual reading and writing abilities; they provide a "comfortable" environment to share ideas.  Students then enter the intense English 11 class where they learn to hone their writing techniques, critical thinking skills, and prepare for the SAT.  Finally, they enter the demanding English 12 course where they learn job related writing formats, improve their critical responses, and broaden their research skills.


    In 2010 I began offering English 110 over ITV to students in the EUPISD.  In 2011 I added English 111 to my schedule so students could earn six college credits.  Fortunately, Baker College also allowed me to teach Speech 201 and 211.  Now, I employ ZOOM technology, and students are able to earn as many as six English credits and six Communications credits for college.




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