• Spanish One



    Yearly Schedule


    This is a tentative schedule.  It represents the major elements I plan to cover this year in this class.  We may accomplish more or less depending on circumstances.


    First Semester   

              Introduction to the Language

              Unit 1- Food and Dining

              Unit 2- Getting to Know Others

              Unit 3- Time and Place

              Semester Project- Holiday Research Report and Presentation

              Midterm Exam- 1/5 of Semester Grade


    Second Semester

              Unit 4- Survival in the City

              Unit 5- Sports and Hobbies

              Unit 6- Shopping

              Semester Project- Country Research Report and Travel Brochure

              Final Exam- 1/5 of Semester Grade


    Vocabulary Quizzes will be given each Thursday over the past week’s list and the grammar focus for the week.


    Please keep in mind that this is a class that will require a consistent effort from each student.  Spanish I students should plan on putting in time each day to learn new vocabulary, review old vocabulary, work on class assignments, and practice new conjugations and phrases.
    Grades are based on the total number of points earned divided by the total number of points possible.  The exam will count as 20% of the semester grade.
    Grade Scale:
         93-100  A                     77-79   C+                     60-62   D-
         90-92    A-                    73-76   C                       0-59    E
         87-89    B+                   70-72   C-
         83-86    B                     67-69   D+
         80-82    B-                    63-66   D