Grading Policy

    Mrs. Livingston


    The grading scaleI use is listed below.


    93-100             A

    90-92                A-

    87-89                B+

    83-86                B

    80-82                B-

    77-79                C+

    73-76                C

    70-72                C-

    67-69                D+

    63-66                D

    60-62        D-

    0-59            E


    Marking periodgrades for English class are based on assessment of the following:

              Spelling homework/ tests

              Grammar work and quizzes

              Writing portfolio pieces and responsejournals

              Independent Reading Reports andReading Projects

              Comprehension homework/ group work

              Tests and quizzes

              Vocabulary homework/ tests




    Final grades arebased on the total number of points earned by the student divided by the totalnumber of points possible for the marking period.