• Mrs. Livingston’s

    Homework Policy


    I truly want every student to be successful.  Homework is assigned to provide extra practice and application for the lessons learned in the classroom.  It is a valuable part of your student’s education.  Please ask to see your child’s planner each night.  He or she should be able to show you in that planner what work is due the next day and show you the worksheet or assignment when it is completed.  At that point, please sign his or her planner to verify that all work is done.



    • My expectation for all homework is that it will be completed and turned in on time.  If an emergency arises, parents may call to excuse late work if they feel an extra day extension is needed.  I may be reached at home at 297-2011 ext. 151 (leave a message if I do not answer).  Please do not send a note; I prefer a phone call in case there are any other issues to discuss.


    • Students are expected to find out how to do an assignment or what the assignment is before they leave school.  If they have questions at home, they should call a classmate or two for an explanation.  If a student still needs extra help, he or she may call me at home.  Please leave a message if I am not there.  If I cannot return your call by 8:00, we will deal with the questions at school the next day.  Since you have this opportunity, I should never hear, “I didn’t know what to do,” as an excuse for not doing an assignment.


    • In the event that work is forgotten at home or missing for any other reason, students will fill in a Missing Assignment Form (called an MIA form).    When work is missing, students are asked to complete one of these sheets and turn it in.  They have three choices to make at that time:  bring the completed work in and have a parent call to excuse it (often this is chosen when the work was completed but left at home), keep the zero on the assignment, or use their lunch period and time between classes to complete the work.  If they do not have time, they may also make arrangements to stay after and complete the work in homework lab.  There may not be a form for every assignment that is recorded as missing for a variety of reasons such as if the student failed to turn in the form or if the student was absent and was already given extra time to complete the assignment but did not do it.


    • Students who are absent will need to check the class folder and see me for their missing assignments.  It is each student’s responsibility to find out what was missed and to complete the work.  In general, if you are out for a day, you have a day to catch up.  HOWEVER, students who miss a scheduled test or quiz will be expected to take it on the day they return to class (except in the case of extended absences).  Make-up work for extended absences may be provided upon request, but keep in mind that all work given for that extended absence will be due upon the day of the student’s return.