• In order to view the class lesson videos for April 2015, you will need to install the VC Player App.  Go to this link:  http://www.averusa.com/video-collaboration/support/downloads.asp, and download the first file on the page.  (It looks like this:   VCPlayer V1.5.1033.38 Software (Windows XP / Vista / 7, 9.98MB) -- Save the program to your C: drive and remember where you saved it.
    Then you will be able to open the files.  It will ask what program to open it in, select the AVer file under your program files on your C:drive.  From now on, your computer should do this on its own when you open new videos.
    Here are the lessons you will need this week:
    Spanish I- April 21April 21
    Click here to access a video on present tense conjugation: Present Tense Conjugation