1.  You must be SIGNED UP at the Circulation Desk to use the Public Access computers allocated on a first-come, first serve basis.  SAME DAY reservations only!

    2.   Parents/guardians must STAY with children under 10 years of age.  If a minor is sharing a computer with anyone other than a parent, the user with the most restricted level of filtering must log in.

    3.  Library staff may limit the number of users on the same computer

    3.   There is a 60 minute time limit per patron.  If there is no one else waiting, you may be able to stay on until someone else needs the computer.  A sign-in sheet is provided at the Circulation Desk.  Failure to sign in will constitute privileges being denied, allocated on a first-come, first serve basis

    4.   Only LIBRARY SOFTWARE may be used on these computers.  Patrons may not bring in their own programs to run, install, or try out on ANY Library computer.

    5.   Patrons wanting to save work may purchase a diskette at the Circulation Desk

    6.   We reserve the right to remove noisy, rude, or disruptive people from the Computer Area.  The patron who is signed on to the computer is responsible for the conduct of anyone who is with them.

    7.   Library Staff can give only LIMITED assistance and cannot TUTOR the patron on the use of the Program or Computer. If customers need assistance using the library's computers and time allows, library staff will help to the best of their ability. Extended explanations, in-depth training, and specific software assistance are not available.

    8.   Patrons are responsible for any printing done on the computer. All pages that come out of the printer will be charged to the patron. There is a flat fee of 25 CENTS a page whether the patron used library paper or their own.

    9.   ALL public access computers will be turned off 10 MINUTES before the library closes.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

    10.  The patron is responsible for the computer until he/she signs out at the Circulation Desk.  Failure to sign out will constitute privileges being denied the next time you sign in to use the computer.

    • Internet users may not send, display, receive or print materials defined by law as obscene.
    • Internet users are expected to exercise appropriate discretion in viewing materials that may be offensive to others, especially children.
    • Users may not allow minors to view, peruse or review any material that is harmful to minors.
    • Internet users may not use the computer to gain unauthorized access, including hacking, or make unauthorized changes to any computer, file, Internet site, information or data.
    • Internet users may not make unauthorized copies of copyrighted or licensed software or data.
    • The Library is not responsible for damage or lost data resulting from the malfunctioning of Library hardware or software.

    11.  Wireless Internet connectivity is available. There is no guarantee that users will be able to make a wireless connection.  Library staff is not able to provide technical assistance.

    12.  The Library's wireless network is not secure.   The Library is not responsible for damage or lost data resulting from connection to the Library's network.

    13.  Individual users are responsible for their own equipment.  A copy of full text of the Computer and Internet Public Access Policy is available at the circulation desk and is posted on the library’s bulletin board and web site.