• *Michigan** Legal Help!*


        *What is the Michigan Legal Help website?   Michigan Legal Help is an interactive website built to help self-represented litigants handle relatively simple civil legal matters on their own.
         This new website will include legal information and forms for persons who have to handle simple legal matters without a lawyer.  Initially, the website will include content in consumer, family, protection order, landlord/tenant, and expungement matters.
         The plan for the site's future development includes adding subject matter materials as they gain experience and funding. The site will also provide self-represented litigants with jurisdiction-specific procedural instructions so that they know what to do after they have completed their forms, and have an idea what to expect once they get to court.  In addition, the site will be a clearinghouse for referrals to legal assistance and community services.
           This site does not have everything available at this time, but will continue to add content in the coming weeks.