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High School Health


    High School Health Syllabus:


    Hello, here is a summary on my classroom policies...


    We use the Dietary Guidelines for Americans at for our classroom textbook.

    Students will also be taught many other health-related concepts not covered in the textbook.  The Michigan Model for health will be used as a rescource in the class.

    As we progress through the year, I will be asking students to read certain selections and complete questions on them.  We will be covering the three sides of the health triangle (physical, emotional, and social) and understanding that all of the sides need to be individually maintained properly in order for someone to be truly a healthy person.

    We will discuss many aspects of nutrition, metabolism, healthy relationships, and exercise.

    I grade on a points-based system.  Test will usually have more points than average homework assignments.  

    Homework or in class work will be given to the student frequently, as we only have class on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

    I will accept homework that is a day late for half credit on an assignment (if it was due Tuesday, Thursday would be the next health class school day).

    I will not accept any assignments after one class day late.

    The first midterm semester exam will contain questions from the first semester of health

    The final exam will contain questions from the first midterm exam as well as any new material learned in the second semester.

    Exams are worth 1/5th of the midterm and final semester grade.

    Students will be encouraged to take turns bringing in a health snack on Thursdays to better expose us to healthy eating!


    I look forward to another great school year!


    -Russ Livingston