• In our classroom we learn to write using 6 + 1 Trait writing.    The 6+1 Trait® Writing analytical model for assessing and teaching writing is made up of 6+1 key qualities that define strong writing. These are:   
            1.Ideas, the main message;
            2.Organization, the internal structure of the piece;
            3.Voice, the personal tone and flavor of the author's message;
            4.Word Choice, the vocabulary a writer chooses to convey meaning;
           5.Sentence Fluency, the rhythm and flow of the language;
           6.Conventions, the mechanical correctness;
    and   +1 is Presentation, how the writing actually looks on the page.
    I grade writing papers based on a 6 point rubric.  We focus on one trait at a time and are graded on that trait alone.  Here are the RUBRICS that are used for grading our writing. Click here to see examples of the rubrics.