• Grading policy for Mr. Hoffman’s classes

    Grading scale

    91-100% =A

    90%        =A-

    88-89%   =B+

    82-87%   =B

    80-81%   =B-

    78-79       =C+

    72-77%   =C

    70-71%   =C-

    68-69%   =D+

    62-67%   =D

    60-61              =D-

    below 60 =E


    9 week grades will be determined by weighting homework (30%) and tests (70%).  Large projects and writing assignments will be treated as a test grade.


    Example:  You have a 90% average on homework assignments and a 75% average on tests.  To determine your grade multiply your homework grade by .3 and your test grade by .7 and add the products together.


    .90 * .3 = .27

    .75 * .7 = .525


    .53 + .27 = .795


    Your 9 week grade would be 79.5%.  I will round up .5% or higher.  So you would receive a B-.


    Each 9 week grade will be 2/5 of your semester grade.  The final exam will make up the other 1/5 of the grade.  If you do not need to take the final each of the 9 week grades will be worth half of your semester grade.


    Late assignments – Late assignments will be accepted with a penalty of 10% of the possible points per day.


    Make up work – It is your responsibility to find out what you missed when you are absent.  I will let you know when your makeup work is due when I assign it to you.

    If you miss a lab you need to schedule a time to make it up. (before school, at lunch, or after school)  Sometimes you will not be able to make up a lab.


    Retakes – You will be able to retake tests.  Your test score will be an average of your first test and your retake.  Retakes will be administered before school, at lunch, or after school. Reatkes must be completed within a week of the origional test.   You can retake any of the tests throughout the year.


    I will be collecting all the tests throughout the semester.  You will get them back at the end of the semester