High School Art Class

  • Each student will be assigned a sketchbook and drawing pencils. They are expected to treat this sketchbook/pencils in a careful matter. Larger projects are worth 40 points, smaller projects are worth 20 points, and sketchbooks assignments are worth 8 points. Tests and quizzes along with any papers will be given a point value as well.  The semester exam is worth one-fifth of the semester grade.


         Sketchbook policy: Sketchbook assignments are assigned Thursdays and are due the following Thursday (one week later) at the start of class unless otherwise noted.  Any sketchbook assignment that does not get turned in when due may be turned in the next school day at the start of class with 2 points being deducted.  The following school day would have 4 points deducted, etc.)  Any student who is absent from school Wednesday before the Thursday that a sketch is due will be given one more school day to turn in the sketch without any points deducted.


         Late Art Project/Paper policy:  For every school day that an art project (or art paper) is turned in late, 10% of the project/paper points will be deducted.

         NOTE: **If a student is works hard every day in class on their art project, I will not deduct any points if they turn it in late!**


    Cell phone use:  Students have two options regarding cell phones when entering my classroom...

                1.  They may place their cell phone in the white, plastic bin by the classroom door.

                2.  They may keep it in their pocket, where it is not seen.


         I do not allow cell phone use in class.  I understand there are times (weather-related issues/game cancellations) where students need to contact their parents/guardians to notify them.  Under these and other serious circumstances, I may give permission to let them use their phones, but this will be a case-by-case situation.

         If a student has a cell phone out of their pocket in my classroom without permission, I will bring the cell phone (turned off) down to the office and turn it over to them.

Mr. Livingston's HS Art Announcements

  • Use this as an area to quickly remind students/parents of tests/quizzes or major reports or assignments due.  Could also use as field trip/permission slip reminders, etc... 

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