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  • Course syllabus for Chemistry


    Homework policy

    Homework will be assigned 1 to 2 times per week.  Students are expected to turn in their homework by the due date set by the teacher.  If homework is late, the student will lose 10% of the possible points for each day it is late.  Completing the homework is essential for doing well on the test in this class.


    Lab policy

    Labs will be assigned periodically. Most labs will require a write up to be handed in.  Students who are absent on the day of a lab can make it up during lunch, before school, or after school.  If the lab requires perishable or limited supplies the student will not be able to make it up.


    Testing policy

    Students will be required to take chapter tests.  If a student is not satisfied with their grade, they may choice to take a retake.  Retakes will be given before school on a date set by the teacher.  If the student does not show up for the retake on the set date, he or she will not be able to retake the test.  The retake test score will be averaged in with the student’s original test score.  If a student does worse on the retake, it will not be averaged in to their grade.


    Grading procedure

    The student’s marking period grade will be calculated using weighted average.  The average of all tests, quizzes, and projects will count as 70% of the student’s nine-week grade.  The average on all homework and labs will count as 30% of the student’s grade.

    The semester grades are calculated by weighting each nine-week grade as 2/5 of the semester grade and the exam grade as the other 1/5.


    Course content:

    First nine weeks

    Problem solving

    Scientific measurements

    Atomic structure and periodic table


    Second nine weeks

    Chemical names and formulas

    Chemical Quantities

    Chemical reactions


    Third nine weeks


    States of matter


    Behavior of gasses


    Forth nine weeks

    Ionic bonding

    Covalent bonding

    Water and Aqueous solutions

    Acids and bases


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