• Natalie Fairchild



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    While teaching English for grades 9-12 and Freshman English through LSSU, I enjoy opening up new and diverse worlds for my students!!  Teaching English is my life-long passion!


    Course Overview

    English 9 and 10 provide a base for students to explore the worlds of literature and writing; they help students build confidence in their individual reading and writing abilities; they provide a "comfortable" environment to share ideas.  Students then enter the intense English 11 class where they learn to hone their writing techniques and critical thinking skills, preparing them for the MME/ ACT test.  Finally, they enter the demanding English 12 course where they learn job related writing formats, improve their critical responses, and broaden their research skills.
    In 2011 I was able to offer English 110 (a Freshman English course through LSSU) over ITV to students in the EUPISD.  Students earned three college credits.  Fortunately, this year I am able to offer English 110 and English 111, which will enable students to earn a total of six college credits.



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